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SAP America
ASUG User Group Treasury Slide Presentations

Integrating business processes doesn't have to be an all-or-nothing proposition. The SAP e-business platform can be implemented to optimize every aspect of your business. Or you can start with one component, and adapt and integrate other solutions as you need them. To reduce time to market. Get closer to customers. And achieve long-term, profitable growth.

Financial Supply Chain Management -- Enables financial collaboration within the enterprise and its business networks. Financial Supply Chain Management uses defined corporate policies and shared services to handle all customer- and supply chain-related financial processes. It also helps automate the financial supply chain using the Web and other electronic service models.

Corporate Finance Management -- Delivers comprehensive finance management functions that cover the entire process -- from liquidity planning to accounting and risk management.
With increased globalization, corporate finance must choose between centralized or distributed control. At the same time, new regulations and market volatility have raised the standards for managing risk, while increasingly sophisticated financial instruments create new opportunities and added complexities. And you have to deal with all these issues quickly and efficiently.

SAP Corporate / Bank Treasury Interfaces | SAP Financial Supply Chain Overview | SAP Buyers, Sellers and Banks / Trade and Market Services
EBPP - Financial Supply Chain explanation & Screen Shot demo - pdf download(1912k)

SAP XML Bank Interface Scenarios: Payments, Acknowledgements and Information Reporting

SAP XML Business Connector: Corporate and Bank versions

SAP Straight-Through Processing. FX Trading Example

CoreStates Bank
( merged into First Union National Bank, now Wachovia Bank, in April, 1998 )

Acumen is CoreStates' suite of Intelligent Treasury services. Through state-of-the-art tools and technology, CoreStates becomes your partner in facilitating the back-office financial processing of business transactions. You maintain control of the process from start to finish and CoreStates keeps up to date with technological enhancements.

CoreStates Acumen Technology and Product Overview
PPT Screen Show

from the 1997 TMA Acumen automated storyboard and back room demo in San Francisco
(ask for a live presentation)

Acumen Press Release, Nov 11, 1997
mxConnect is Mirronex's Web-based e-commerce hub that acts as a marketplace between companies and their staffing suppliers. The system automates and manages the entire staffing process, from staffing supplier selection through requisitions and resume responses to timesheet and invoice processing.

ePayIT / mxConnect sold its assets in Chapter 11 to Opus 360,
now Artemis International Solutions (March, 2001) :

epayIT solution demo as mxConnect - (Flash Demo)
epayIT mirror website as mxConnect - (saved by the Web Designer - sean kenney)
slideshow of ePayIT / mxConnect production screens, circa 2001 Financial Flows
pdf download(128k)

Internet Security Flows
pdf download(119k)

Timesheet process flow
pdf download(516k)

Requisition process flow
pdf download(408k)

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